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How was the game created?

What would you say? is a game designed by Karin and Mikael Berggren. We work as consultants with teamwork and communication as a specialty. What would you say? Leader was the first game to be created. We did this together with a customer in our consultancy business.

“We discovered that the need to talk about” elephant issues “in a relaxed manner was and is very large, but is perceived in many groups as difficult. Often the effect is that people do not talk to each other directly, but about each other and not with the one it touches. “

What effects do you get?

“We therefore created a tool that could be an alibi for addressing issues of a sensitive nature and practising it in a rather more harmless environment”.

When using the game, it is primarily thought that there should be good discussions and open up for conversations on topics that maybe you avoided the touches before. The use of the game also tends to involve several issues that need more time to be discussed, time that is not always available at the moment of play. Then our recommendation is to save that discussion, and to decide a new time where, in peace and quiet, everyone can be heard in the matter.

For the games includes a manual in digital for. You get with each purchased game, where we give more tips on how to use the game.

Why games?

It is educational, fun, engaging and the collective intelligence increases when everyone contributes.

Research also shows by just listening to someone who tells or lectures on a topic, you remember only a fraction of what has been said. It can be as small as 5-10 after 24 hours.

If you, however, contribute with their own formulations and ideas, the learning Is much better and the remembrance thus increases considerably.

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