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Set the Elephant free!

The elephant in the room is a figurative expression of something that is obvious to all people in a group, but which one avoids talking about.

The reason for keeping quiet about the ‘ elephant ‘ could be that it would be embarrassing, cause difficult discussions or that the subject is taboo.

Effective dialogue

Encourage honest conversations about complex problems and build new bridges.


The aim of the game is to allow you to practice developing your ability to give and receive feedback “In the right way”.


Because the game contains competition, it increases engagement and contribution.


The competition event makes it enjoyable and fun to discuss slightly difficult and sensitive issues, and the “elephant issues” become fewer.

What is What would you say?

What would you say?® is a feedback action that aims to strengthen individuals in their professional roles, as well as groups to work towards the same goal.

A game where the participants are faced with some difficult questions that trigger discussions with colleagues, about how to solve different situations in working life. The competition element of the game means that all discussions that are undertaken in the game will be considerably sharper in a positive way, and the players’ involvement will also be greater than at other games.

The game is available in a variety of different versions with questions tailored to each target audience. Many of the games are also available in English.

Who can use the game?

Leaders, co-workers, business coaches, coaches, therapists, counselors, consultants, HR professionals, and others use WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?® to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.

It is a powerful tool for the development of self-knowledge, team building and leadership development, as well as at social and corporate meetings. Can be used by small and large groups, it can easily be adapted to each target group, goal and theme. And it’s fun!


Some satisfied customers

“The interesting thing is that many who never normally say a word, talk during the discussion, which we naturally see as positive.”

Håkan Erlandsson
ICA Logistik

“I have run the game with our management team – success!”

Anders Leire

“Everyone can be involved and everyone can answer, even those who are often silent. That the game also has a competition side to it all makes it pleasurable. “

Yvonn Rowel

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