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WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Project Leader

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Project Leader

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Project Leaders are perceived by many as one of the most difficult roles in a workplace. In the role you are a leader who does not always have the mandate to make decisions. You will then have to develop your sales ability to get conflicting project members to follow. In the role of employee, you have to balance between the leader role and the salesperson role, but do not forget colleagues who are also my co-workers. If you are a project leader or lead project, the game WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Project Leader help you develop as a project leader. Play the game with your project leader colleagues and train on responding to difficult situations in the role of Project leader, and at the same time get feedback how well your colleagues think your solutions of situations are. You also get an opportunity to learn from others and in a light-hearted way evolve together in your roles.

What subject areas are covered in ‘What would you say?’
– Ethics
– Communication
– Costs
– HR
– Interpersonal issues
– Quality
– Risk
– Scope
– Sponsor
– Time

Who can use the game?
– Project Managers
– Project leaders
– Sponsor / Client
– Project members

Why use ‘What would you say?’
– Reduced risk of conflict
– Improved communication culture
– You get to know each other faster and quickly become productive
– Support for the project leader’s leadership role
– Improves direct communication
– Helps new members into the group

What do you get when you buy ‘What would you say?’
– 1 game for 3–6 players in 1 game box

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