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If you play HOW WOULD YOU SAY? Salesman with your colleagues give it you as a sales person and your sales group several development opportunities. First, you get to practice in their role as a salesman in realistic situations and get to answer how to deal with these situations.

You get direct feedback if the sales colleagues thought the answer was good or less good. As a sales group, you get a good opportunity to create a consensus on different sales situations and the opportunity to share their knowledge and gain knowledge of others.

What subject areas are covered in ‘What would you say?’
– Exploration
– First meeting with customer
– Quote
– Trades
– Objections and negotiation
– Communication
– Complaint
– Ethics and morality
– Mersales
– Customer care

Who can use the game?
– Sellers
– Sales managers
– CEO smaller companies with sales kår
– Aspiring sellers
– Sales coach

Why use ‘What would you say?’
– The game trains participants in their specific sales role
– Consensus on arguments in the sales process
– Sharpens consensus on processes around quotations, price, processing, etc.
– Learning between experienced and new sellers
– Practical training in argumentation – with direct feedback
– The opportunity to train different tasks in the sales work

What do you get when you buy “What would you say?”
– 1 game for 3–6 players in 1 game box
– 60 playing cards numbered
– 6 pairs assessment cards (green and red)
– 80 Chips

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